X-ray suite

Our x-ray suite comprises of a fully adjustable floating xray table, this allows us to move the table in any horizontal position, around the beam of the x-ray tube head which is positioned above the table.

This is the best way to acheive great results with little or no interference with the patient.

The x-ray suite also benefits from piped oxygen to a general anaesthetic machine, we sometimes need to have patients under general anaesthetic to obtain the best image.

We are pleased to announce that the installation of our digital computed radiography system is now complete. The installation went very well courtesy of BCF Technology.

This innovative new machine allows us to not only produce a viewable image in less than 2 minutes, but we are able to manipulate the final image which, prevents the need for a second radiograph being taken. This is obviously a lot less stressful for the patients and speeds up the diagnosis period.

We also have a dental x-ray machine, just like you may find at your own dentist. We are able to take an image of individual teeth to check that there are no signs of trouble under the gum line.