Nurse clinics

Here at the surgery the experienced veterinary nurses run a variety of FREE clinics to help and advise on your pets health. The aim of these clinics is to keep your pet fit and healthy for as long as possible.

The clinics we offer are:

Cuddle clinics – this gives you the opportunity to come and meet us for the first time and get all the information you need for your new addition.

Puppy and kitten clinics – we can give the 2nd vaccination as well as giving lots of information on how to keep your puppy/kitten healthy.

Junior clinics – 6-12month check – We can check the weight and growth of your pet and offer nutritional advice.

Weight clinics – If your pet is carrying excess weight, we can formulate a unique weight loss plan and advise on weight loss diets. We offer lots of support and help during the weight loss journey.

Dental clinics – your pet will receive a dental assessment and we will discuss preventative dental care.

Rabbit clinics – Information on rabbit health and husbandry. Rabbits can easily get bored, so we can advise on environmental enrichment to keep them active.

Mobility clinics – we advise on methods to help the ageing patient. Arthritis affects many of our patients and we can discuss supplements, environmental aids and alternative therapies.

Senior wellness clinics – The aim of these clinics is to pick up on common age related conditions early. By doing this we hope to keep your pet healthier for longer.

We are available Monday to Friday during certain clinic times and look forward to meeting your friend.

If you would like to book a clinic with a veterinary nurse, please telephone 01773 769298.