Our in house diagnostic laboratory contains biochemistry, haematology and electrolyte machines and many in-house testing kits for a variety of diagnostics, such as:

  • Urine sampling
  • Thyroid testing
  • Feline Leukemia/FELV testing
  • Canine and Feline Pancreatic lipase testing
  • Blood gases
  • Coagulation testing
  • Pre-Anaesthetic blood screening
  • General Health Profiles

In July 2011 we purchased one of the most up to date Heamatology analysers on the market today: the Idexx Procyte.

We also perform microscopic cytological examinations under the microscope, dermatophyte testing, urinalysis, packed cell volume tests and faecal examinations.

The majority of samples we like to run in-house so we have a quick turn-around of results for our patient’s, although some samples will have to be sent to an external laboratory for analysis as the test maybe be something not yet available for veterinary practices to include on a daily basis or it may be a specialized test that only an external laboratory can perform, either way our external laboratory collects all of our samples overnight by a specialist courier and promise to have the results emailed to us as soon as they are available.