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The Cat Clinic is now open! We are delighted to be able to share with you that we have expanded and further developed the practice and the facilities that we can offer. We are now able to provide a dedicated cat only clinic in what was our old â€‹pet shop and grooming parlour. This is situated at the front of the practice and can be accessed from the main road. The cat only clinic will allow us to perform consultations, surgical and medical procedures all separate to the main practice providing a calm, quiet and stress-free environment for our feline friends.

Our canine and small furry friends have not been left out. We have also expanded the main practice increasing the number of consulting rooms, surgical theatres and medical facilities available.

Please see below the progress of the renovation from start to completion.

Before Building Work Started





Renovations begin - 7th & 8th March





9th - 24th March






Finished Cat Clinic



Phase 2 begins - May 2022



Phase 2 Renovations May-July 2022


Finished Phase 2

Cat Clinic Opening