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Lawrence Veterinary Centre endeavours to treat animals less fortunate than the family pet and we are happy to be associated with the following caring organisations

Brinsley Animal Rescue

Brinsley Animal Rescue is a charity run for animals by volunteers. Founded by Jon Beresford and partner Bethan Hewis; all of the money raised for the charity goes directly into helping animals by paying for food, housing, treatment and visits to Lawrence Veterinary Centre!

They rescue pets, wild animals and farm animals; the aim is to rehome pets and farm animals and release wild animals back into the wild. Where they cannot be rehomed, these fantastic people provide them with permanent sanctuary.

Brinsley Animal Rescue have recently been approved for full registration with the Charity Commission to become a Registered Charity (1135508).

Please see our Links page for further details.

Cats Protection

Lawrence Veterinary Centre works with Cats Protection to ensure all cats in need of their help receive veterinary care. 

The practice examines all cats rescued by the charity and in line with the charity’s policies, tests for FIV and FeLV so that they have the best chance of being rehomed happy and healthy. The ‘Cat Info’ tab can give you more information about these important diseases.

As well as preventing disease spread, neutering is a social responsibility to prevent the rapid growth in numbers of unwanted felines in the UK. All rescued cats are neutered at Lawrence Veterinary Centre, microchipped and vaccinated if necessary.

The charity works so hard there can be up to 20 cats every week requiring attention, it is often hard for the staff to see so many homeless cats in the hospital but with your help these cats can have a better chance in life.

See our Links page for the Cats Protection website.

Pet Blood Bank UK

The Pet Blood Bank UK is the first animal blood bank in the UK licensed to collect and store canine blood products for use in lifesaving operations in the veterinary profession.

It is a charity and non-profit, so they rely on donations from dogs volunteered by their caring owners. We at Lawrence Veterinary Centre hold regular Blood Donor sessions three times a year.

Your pooch will have to meet certain criteria in order to be a lifesaver:

  • They must be over 25kg (55lbs)
  • Aged between 1 and 8 years
  • Up to date with vaccination
  • No history of heart disease or murmurs, or seizures
  • Not taking any prescribed medication
  • Never travelled abroad
  • Never received a blood transfusion

If you are interested in volunteering your pet for this life-saving role let us know and give us your permission to forward your details to the Blood Bank. They will contact you and send you all the relevant paperwork.

Please visit the website via our Links page.

Guardian Angels Bird Sanctuary (GABS)

GABS are a dedicated team of unpaid volunteers who work tirelessly to help bird owners with any problems that should arise, from giving advice by telephone, email or in person to finding birds a new family.  Based in Eastwood they are happy to answer any questions you may have. They  rely on donations in order to continue their work and hold regular open days.

Please visit their website via our Links page.

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